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Paint Protection & Ceramic Pro

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Let’s talk about Paint Protection and Ceramic Pro. What makes them so unique?

Paint Protection and Ceramic Pro. And why you might need both!

Paint Protection

Protecting the paint on your vehicle is an important part of preparing it for year-round defense. Paint Protection is a clear urethane automotive film in which people apply to their vehicle’s exterior surface.

It primarily reduces the risk of damaging the vehicle by things like:

  • Road debris, which causes chips and scratches
  • Washing swirl marks
  • Acidic contaminants causing chemical stains or etch marks
  • The sun exposure causes oxidation (the fading of your paint)

So, whether you intend to keep your car forever or resell it… Paint protection also protects the value of the item.

The Application of Paint Protection

Its-A Wrap’s professional installers are in charge of applying for Paint Protection; they also give you the option of creating a gloss or a stealthy-matte finish; Paint Protection can add aesthetic value.

What about Ceramic Coating? 

Ceramic Coating, unlike Paint Protection, is applied as a liquid. It is a type of polymer that chemically bonds to the paint when applied to the surface of your vehicle.
This bond creates a protective layer as well as a hydrophobic surface. In other words, Ceramic Coating makes it more difficult for contaminants to bond with your car’s paint, effectively repelling them.

This means you can:

  • Go longer between washes;
  • Clean your car faster and with less effort;
  • Have a glossy mirror effect,
  • Protect your car from the sun’s UV rays.

Let’s talk about Paint Protection Films and Ceramic Coatings. How do they differ, and what do we typically use them for?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a film, as the name implies, whereas Ceramic Coating is a liquid. As a result, PPF is noticeably thicker and, chemically, has the ability to “Self-Heal” and dissipate an abrasion.

This means that even if you have dented or scratched your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film can maintain its composition and restore it to its original state through small scratches, rock chips, swirl marks, or hard water spots.

What makes Ceramic Coating so appealing? It is the hydrophobic surface it creates on your vehicle. This allows it to repel water and contaminants but does not protect your vehicle from stone chips, scratches, swirl marks, or water spots.

Although the material of some Paint Protection Films is a hydrophobic clear coat, they do not compare to the quality and performance of a full Ceramic Coating. When we apply the Ceramic Coating to your vehicle, you will benefit from the hydrophobic properties on the entire surface. As well as not having to apply Paint Protection Film to the entire vehicle!

Customers at It’s-A Wrap will typically choose to paint protect the areas that are most vulnerable (such as the front bumper) before they request the application of a ceramic coating to the entire vehicle.

Which product offers the Ultimate Protection for your vehicle?

If you want “Ultimate Protection,” the option we recommend, and our customers prefer, at It’s-A Wrap is to strategically use both Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating!!

That way you will ensure overall protection for your vehicle’s surface.

Let’s take a look at how and why it works…

Paint Protection Film is applied to the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle by our professional installers. Your front bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors, rocker panels, and rear-wheel arch are all examples of these areas. These areas are more likely to be hit by rock chips, scratches, and road debris.

Paint Protection Film should be applied to these areas because of the previously stated.

Ceramic Coating cannot protect against this type of damage.

After the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle have been protected with Paint Protection, the professionals will apply Ceramic Coating to the entire exterior of your vehicle.

After we have meticulously applied the coating and it has cured, it will bond with both the factory paint and the PPF that we applied to your vehicle.

When our professionals apply the coating on top of the film, you will have an additional layer of protection against chemical etching and stains. This also extends the life of the film beneath because you will be always keeping it clean and free of contaminants.

The hydrophobic surface of the Ceramic coating will keep your paint cleaner, and make washing your vehicle easier!! Because contaminants will not be able to easily adhere to your vehicle.

The ceramic coating creates a completely smooth surface that enhances the glossiness of the factory paint.

So, every day that you drive your vehicle, the appearance and integrity of the paint will be protected.

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