If you are thinking about bringing your Tesla in, the best way to do so is by going with our Tesla packages. The Cruiser, Ranger and Transformer packages combine multiple services and offer them at a lower price to provide you the best value. Our experts at It’s A-Wrap will help you transform and protect every EV in Tesla’s line up.

Tesla Cruiser
$2,599 + Most Popular
  • Full Front End Paint Protection Xpel (10 Years)
  • Window Tint Sides & Rear Xpel (Lifetime)
  • One Stage Paint Correction
  • Ceramic Coating Package 3M (3 Years)
Tesla Ranger
$5,499 +
  • Full Body Paint Protection Xpel 10 Years
  • Window Tint Sides & Rear Xpel (Lifetime)
  • Ceramic Coating Package 3M (3 Years)
Tesla Transformer
$4,199 +
  • Full Colour Change Premium Wrap 3M/Avery (5 Years)
  • Window Tint Sides & Rear Xpel (Lifetime)
  • Ceramic Coating Package 3M (3 Years)

Tesla at Its-Awrap

Tesla has been progressively taking over the market in North America and has become a noticeable part of the community on the streets of the Greater Toronto Area “GTA”.
Over the years the quality of Tesla’s paint has been improving but still has room to grow. Particularly in our part of the world here in Canada (and other countries that see colder weather), the issues regarding the paint pose a more serious problem. Tesla’s paint is shown to be softer and thinner than paints found on other mainstream vehicles. Customers have reported that even with careful hand-washing of the vehicle, it has still led to degradation and damage of the paint.

Whether you are an owner of Model S, 3, X or Y, protection and easy maintenance is important as a Tesla Owner. Mainly, two types of protection are recommended for Tesla’s paint; Paint Protection and Ceramic Coating. In short, Paint Protection (commonly abbreviated as “PPF”) is a self-healing film that is installed over the current paint (best for protecting against road debris, scratches and chips on high impact areas), whereas Ceramic Coating is a long-lasting hydrophobic liquid polymer that, when applied to your EV, bonds to your vehicle’s paint (improving the appearance of the paint, PPF, wheels, glass and calipers while also protecting against chemical and UV exposures).

A sleek final look is achieved with a Window Tint. Tinting the windows enhances the comfort of your driving experience by reducing infra-red heat, protecting your skin and your interior surfaces from UV damage, cutting glare and enhancing privacy. The options range from optically clear to the iconic blacked out “limo” look; all of which provide the same level of UV protection.

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Our seasoned experts at It’s A-Wrap will help you to transform and protect every EV in Tesla’s line up!
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Our Services

Paint Protection

The paint protection packages we offer will protect your Tesla from scuffs, scratches and rock chips. The ppf film is installed by an Xpel certified technician and will produce an enhanced finish. Included is a 10 year warranty to ensure your Tesla is protected. 

Car Wraps

One of the best things about wrapping your Tesla is the virtually limitless options for colours, patterns, graphics, and messaging available. All Tesla wraps are totally customizable to meet your unique needs and preferences, making it simple to give your car a distinctive appearance. Vinyl car wraps come in a variety of finishes, including gloss, satin and matte.

Window Tint

A Window Tint can enhance the driving experience of your Tesla by improving vehicle appearance, preventing interior sun damage, reducing sun glare for safer driving, providing more privacy, blocking solar heat and protecting your skin from damaging UV rays. From 5% to 70%, we’ve got the tint you’re looking for.

Ceramic Coating

When it comes to protecting your Tesla, Ceramic Coating is the clear-cut option. Ceramic coatings are less likely to attract dirt and debris reducing the need for frequent washing while also providing protection from UV damage and environmental hazards. Your Tesla is an investment because of its cutting-edge, ecologically responsible design, therefore it only makes sense to preserve it with a Ceramic Coating.

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