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Looking for top-notch car wrap services in Oakville? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s a Wrap™ Oakville is your one-stop destination for a stylish and impressive transformation of your car with stunning vehicle graphics. Our team of skilled professionals ensures a flawless finish, leaving no stone unturned in delivering an exceptional result.

Car wrapping requires expert attention to detail and careful planning to avoid costly mistakes. Thankfully, our experienced team has a proven track record of getting the job done right the first time. Plus, we offer unbeatable rates not just in Oakville, but across all of Canada.

Trust It’s a Wrap™ for all your car wrap needs and let us help you stand out on the road.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Car 

The Benefits of Choosing Car Wraps for Your Vehicle in Oakville, Ontario

Many car owners often consider traditional paint jobs to enhance the appearance of their vehicles. However, this method can be quite costly, and the quality of the paint used may not last long, resulting in frequent touch-ups.


In contrast, car wrapping offers several advantages. Firstly, when installed by experienced professionals, the printed graphics are more precise and vibrant than regular paint, creating a unique and eye-catching design. Secondly, the vinyl layer used in car wraps provides an added layer of protection to the original paint, shielding it from scratches, dings, and other types of damage.


Moreover, car wrapping is quicker and more cost-effective than a full paint job, making it an increasingly popular choice among luxury car owners in Oakville, Ontario. However, it is a suitable option for all types of vehicles that require protection while also providing a custom design.


At our car wrapping service in Oakville, Ontario, we offer affordable solutions for both personal and commercial vehicles, tailored to fit every budget. To get started, simply head to our Contact page and request a free quote today!

Why It’s a Wrap™ ?

car wraps oakville

What makes It’s a Wrap™ the right choice for your vinyl needs?


It’s a Wrap™ is a division of the Westlund Group of companies that was created to provide exceptional service and professionalism to car enthusiasts and business owners in Oakville, Ontario. While we’re passionate about cars, we’re also committed to delivering results for our customers.

Our team of 3M certified technicians and in-house design professionals work together to understand your needs, develop a concept, and execute it with precision and finesse. We take pride in our work and aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, which is why we handpick the best talent in the industry and continuously train them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advancements.

To maintain our high standards of quality, we don’t overbook our services and only accept a limited number of customers. This allows us to focus on each project and ensure that every detail is perfect. Despite our focus on quality, we offer our services at the most competitive rates in Oakville, Ontario.

At It’s a Wrap™, we treat every car as if it were our own and take great care to deliver fast, accurate, and affordable results for all of our services, including vehicle wrapping, colour change, decal installation, and more. So, whether you’re a personal or commercial vehicle owner, contact us today to get started on your project!

Our Services

Car Wraps

Wrapping your car offers plenty of options to choose from, including various colours, patterns, graphics, and messaging. The customization of car wraps is limitless, which allows you to tailor the wrap to your unique needs and preferences, thus making it easy to create a unique appearance for your vehicle. Additionally, vinyl car wraps are available in different finishes such as gloss, satin, and matte.

Ceramic Coating

When it comes to protecting your car, Ceramic Coating is the top choice. Ceramic coatings have the advantage of being less susceptible to attracting dirt and debris, which decreases the necessity for frequent washing. Additionally, they offer protection from UV damage and environmental hazards. Your car is a valuable investment due to its advanced, eco-friendly design, and it is logical to ensure its protection with a Ceramic Coating


Opting for a Window Tint can enrich your driving experience by enhancing the appearance of your vehicle, preventing sun damage to the interior, minimizing sun glare for improved driving safety, increasing privacy, blocking solar heat, and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Our selection ranges from 5% to 70% tinting options, ensuring we have the right tint for your needs. !

Commercial Wraps

If you’re a business owner looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your products or services while on the move, consider using commercial car wraps. These vinyl wraps are highly customizable and can be designed with graphics and messaging that promote your brand wherever your vehicle goes. Additionally, they offer protection to your cars against damage. Get in touch with us at It’s a Wrap™ Oakville for a complimentary consultation!

Paint Protection

Our paint protection packages provide a safeguard for your car against scuffs, scratches, and rock chips. These packages include installation of a durable Xpel-certified PPF film, which produces an improved finish for your vehicle. Additionally, to guarantee your car is well-protected, we offer a 10-year warranty with our paint protection packages.


How much does it cost to wrap a car?

The cost of wrapping a car can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the vehicle, the type of wrap material used, and the complexity of the installation process. On average, the cost of a basic vinyl car wrap can range from $2,500 to $5,000 or more, while a full-coverage wrap or a higher-quality material can cost upwards of $10,000 or more. However, the cost can be lower for smaller vehicles or simpler wrap designs, or higher for larger vehicles, more complex designs, or premium wrap materials. 

Can a car wrap be applied to a car with existing paint damage?

While a car wrap can technically be applied to a car with existing paint damage, it’s generally not recommended. The vinyl wrap will conform to the contours of the car, and any damage or imperfections in the paint will be visible through the wrap. Additionally, if the damaged paint is not properly repaired before applying the wrap, the damage could continue to spread and worsen over time. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that the paint is in good condition before applying a car wrap.

Can paint protection film be applied to a used car?

Paint protection film can be applied to a used car just as easily as it can be applied to a new car. In fact, many people choose to apply paint protection film to their used cars to protect the existing paint from further damage and to restore the appearance of the car’s exterior.

How long does paint protection film last?

On average, high-quality PPF can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance. However, some factors that can shorten the lifespan of PPF include exposure to harsh weather conditions, extreme heat or cold, frequent washing, and exposure to chemicals.

How long does ceramic coating last?

  • The lifespan of ceramic coating can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the coating, how well it was applied, and the environmental conditions the car is exposed to.
  • On average, a high-quality ceramic coating can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance. However, it’s important to note that the coating’s durability can also depend on how often the car is driven, where it’s stored, and the type of driving conditions it experiences.

How much does it cost to apply ceramic coating to a car?

The cost of applying ceramic coating to a car can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the vehicle, the quality of the coating, and the complexity of the application process. On average, the cost of a professional ceramic coating application can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

What are the benefits of window tint?

Window tint can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Reducing heat and glare inside the car
  2. Protecting the interior from fading and damage caused by UV rays
  3. Enhancing privacy and security by making it difficult to see inside the car
  4. Improving the appearance of the car by giving it a sleek, modern look
  5. Increasing safety by reducing the risk of shattered glass in the event of an accident.

How much does it cost to tint car windows?

The cost of tinting car windows can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the vehicle, the type of tint material used, and the complexity of the installation process. On average, the cost of tinting car windows can range from $100 to $400 or more. However, the cost can be higher for larger vehicles, premium tint materials, or more complex installation processes.

It's been great experience with it's a wrap company they did excellent work on my Ferrari California my all friends family love my car the job they did you cant say its wrap or paint I prefer everyone if you want wrap your car just contact with them you will not be disappointed
All staff is so friendly and work with you the way you want

Deepak ChauhanFerrari California

Amazing attention detail, professional service, and very good pricing. Had a full satin black wrap done on my car and after seeing the result, I would recommend It’s A Wrap to anybody looking to have work done on their car.

Evan McEachranAudi RS5

These guys are amazing, wrap is impeccable & they went above & beyond to get my car done quickly! They have a lot of information about keeping the wrap in shape & warranty on their work. 10/10 would recommend

Caitlin SamuelJeep Wrangler

It’s a Wrap not only helped me pick the right wrap colour for my Cadillac Escalade but they did provide options on every minute details as to what could look better from an overall package point of view; detailing from tint percentage to mirror wrapping, body wrapping, handles, Cadillac emblem around the vehicle, how to maintain the wrap and the list goes on. The head-turner on this vehicle is the wheels; these are lexani wheels and it’s a wrap guys with their professional experience and advice suggested for wheel wrap and they look even more crazier as the wheel wrap matches the body wrap!!

raghu baddiCadillac Escalade

I brought my Ford Edge in for a full wrap plus remove my old wrap . When I brought it in I noticed right away the place is super clean a place where you can feel comfortable leaving your vehicle . Although I don’t have a high end vehicle like most of the cars these guys do they did treat me and the vehicle equally the same. Their work quality is superior which is backed by a nice warranty . Overall this place is top notch and I will do business again with them and also refer friends .

Joe DFord Edge

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