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Window Tinting Services Mississauga, Oakville, Milton Toronto

Professional Window Tinting 

Our window tinting services are designed to offer a sleek appearance to your vehicle in addition to improving your comfort and privacy. Our skilled XPEL certified technicians use the highest quality material, most accurate computer cut program, precise installation techniques to ensure that your vehicle stays cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re looking for a darker tint for increased privacy or a lighter one for better visibility, we can help you to create the perfect look and feel for your vehicle. Have more questions? Give the experts at Its A-Wrap a call: (647)-894-8082 or send us an email at [email protected] to enquire about our window tinting services in Mississauga and step into a cooler, more comfortable ride.

Xpel window tinting

Be Sleek & Block Heat with Style

Add privacy and protection to your vehicle with our lifetime warranty films, that will enhance a comfortable and protected driving experience.

If you’re looking for something that’s durable, and adds extra strength, clarity and heat reduction, come to us! We use the highest quality brands to guarantee a long lasting installation.

A Little Tint Goes A Long Way

Our Certified tint installers has 30+ years combined and uses latest computer cut technology,  to assure a consistent and professional installation at all times.

What we Tint:
  • Windows (Cars and Buildings)
  • Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Glass Surfaces
  • Heat and glare reduction
  • Thermal insulation
  • UV Filtration
  • Security

Window Tinting Package Cost:

Certified Installers | Computer Cut | No Shortcuts

Sedan/Coupe  $279+

Truck/SUV  $309+

2x Front Windows  $130+

Windshield full tint  $179+ (HP) Xpel hybrid 50% heat rejction

Windshield strip tint  $70+

Sedan/Coupe  $379+

Truck/SUV  $409+

2x Front Windows  $180+

Windshield full tint  $239+

Windshield strip tint  $130+


Window Tinting

Our satisfaction is our clients success.

Car Wraps

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Paint Protection

Chips and erosion are a thing of the past with our paint protection service.

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Commercial Wrap

You can pay for advertising, or have advertising pay for itself – you choose.

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Powder Coating

Enhanced protection against corrosion and wear for a long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

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Racing Stripes

Racing stripes add a touch of speed and style, accentuating the sleek lines of a car while evoking a sense of performance and dynamism.

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Body kits offer customized exterior enhancements, elevating the aesthetic appeal and aerodynamic performance of vehicles with unique styling elements and functional modifications.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for cars offers long-lasting protection and a glossy finish, shielding your vehicle from environmental damage and maintaining its shine.

Went in to get my Volkswagen GTI’s windows tinted last weekend and I am very happy with the results. I called multiple businesses to get a quote and it’s awrap gave me the best one. I always believe you get what you pay for, but these guys blew that theory out of the water. Their work is top quality and they are efficient. I dropped my car off and in 2 hours flat they were done, on top of that they offer a life time warranty.

I would recommend this business to anyone that needs a window tint or a wrap.

Eric NVolkswagen GTI

I had my 2013 Nissan 370z front lip and rear diffuser wrapped in a gloss black along with my 2017 windows tinted and a clear front bumper installed. The quality of job was great and the price was very fair. The hours they work are very accommodating and the staff is very friendly. I would definitely return for future work and would not hesitate to recommend friends and family:)

KoasNissan 370z & Mazda 3

amazing and professional tint job. Got quoted with a reasonable price. People were very nice. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to get a tint or a wrap!

Ali AljazaeriMercedes Benz G63 Gwagen

These guys are amazing! Quick, professional and pays attention to fine detail. I highly recommend. Keep up the great work!

jermaine thornhillBenz C300

Just had windows tinted on my car and they did such a great job, I brought my wife's SUV in the next day to have it done as well. Quality work and great customer service is hard to come by, but these guys have it. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. They use high quality materials AND and they still have very competitive pricing. It was their willingness to accommodate my schedule and their exceptional customer service that prompted me to write this review. I look forward to coming back for paint protection! Thanks again, Tom

Tom LinkletterAudi Q3

Amazing tint job, very kind people, I would take my other car to get it tinted as well since my experience was really good. Would highly recommend for someone thinking of getting a tint or a wrap job!

Ashhad Khan

I’ve been dealing with it’s a wrap for over 8 years , nothing but quality and perfection every time with every car I’ve ever brought to them , highly recommend them to anyone !

Matt CurtisGenesis/ WRX
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Xpel Prime Tints CS XR

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