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Cost of wrapping a car in Ontario

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Vinyl wrapping, Is it good? And how much does it cost to wrap a car in Ontario?

People have always fancied to personalize and customize their cars. Because they just love to make their cars represent who they are. Whether it’s a custom colour or any other form of artistic modification. 3M Vinyl wrapping is one of the best ways to do this.

Vinyl wrapping is known to last longer than other types of wrapping. It also serves as a better return on investment.

If you consider wrapping your car in a different colour, you must understand the costs involved. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know for certain whether it’s worth it or not!

This is where It’s A Wrap Mississauga can help. Vinyl wraps have clear advantages over simply repainting your car.

But, like anything else, there are a few drawbacks to consider if you decide to go with Its A wrap.

Here is everything that you need to know and consider when it comes to Vinyl wrapping:

Vinyl Wrapping a car entail applying multiple large vinyl decals to every panel of your vehicle. And that’s include the fenders, doors, bumper, hood, and roof. Wrapping your car with It’s A wrap ensures that the colour of your car will be just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the original paint on the car.

Vinyl Wrapping covers every inch of the car, and as a result, it can function similarly to a good old-fashioned paint job.

Colours and Options of Vinyl Wrapping:

If properly maintained and cared for, vinyl wrapping can act as a protective layer to your car’s original paint. Car wraps are eye-catching and highly customizable. Wrap, like paint, is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including glossy, matte, chrome, and metallic. What makes vinyl wrap even more unique? it is created using a computer program, which allows you to choose from an infinite number of colours.

Another way vinyl wrapping your car can be lucrative is that it can be easily peeled off and replaced. This allows you to add any cool graphic you want, whether it’s simply car art or an advertisement or business logo for your company. A wrap is especially appealing if you are leasing your car, as regulations generally do not allow leased cars to change the original paint. In such cases, a vinyl wrap comes in handy.

Aside from changing the visual appearance of your vehicle with vinyl wrapping, we can apply any clear paint protection film to any part of the vehicle’s exterior, typically the hood and doors, to provide total protection from stone chips and scratches.

The protective film is completely invisible, preserving the colour of your vehicle while also protecting it. A win-win situation!!

Vehicle Condition:

It is critical to repair scratches, dents, and dings before applying the wrap or paint. Because they will stand out if the wrap or paint is applied first. Corrosion or chipped paint can also degrade the wrap’s quality. The vinyl wrapping decals do not adhere properly to the car’s surface due to the car’s poor paint condition. If you apply the wrap to a poor surface, it will not last as long. It also will not look as good. The longer the vinyl wrap lasts, the better the condition of the car’s original paint.

Application Process of Vinyl Wrapping:

There are strict procedures that we follow prior to any wrapping process to ensure the highest quality job here at It’s A Wrap. To achieve the best results, the paint surface is thoroughly cleaned and smoothed out, followed by a thorough wash, detailing, and power washing the car.

After we complete the process, and clean the car sparkling clean, we remove the headlights, taillights, and door handles to make sure the vinyl wrapping covers the edges and into the crevasses of the car. Removing the lights and door handles is mandatory at It’s A Wrap, all in the quest of achieving excellence and true quality in our wrap.

To complete the vinyl wrapping process, we use a heat gun to apply the material. The more advanced the wrap and graphics are, the more layers are required to achieve the result. The final step of completing the wrap is checking for air bubbles and imperfections, smoothing out the wrap for the best result.

Vinyl Wrapping Price Ranges:

When it comes to pricing, they vary drastically depending on a few factors, such as the amount of labour required, the size of your car, and the difficulty or complexity of the wrap. As an example, a two-door sports coupe, one that doesn’t have a curvaceous body or sharp panels with sharp creases will generally be easier to wrap than its four-door counterpart.

Get prices from Khaled:

  • Car wraps start as low as: $2900+
  • Vans: price starts at $3300+
  • Carbon-fiber-look vinyl wrap: price $330+
  • The most a wrap can cost: $10,000+
  • Any additional work prices: Rates are based on current colour, wrap colour/finish, year and model.

Care Requirements:

The temperature where you live is one of the primary causes of deterioration of the wrap on your vehicle. High temperatures and direct sunlight can cause the wrap to degrade over time. It is best to keep your car under a cover or in a garage to protect it from the elements for the best long-term results. Cold weather can be just as damaging as hot weather. The salt used to melt the snow during the winter season is harsh on vinyl wrapping.

Professional application of vinyl wrap on your vehicle can guarantee it to last ****4 to 5 years**** with proper protection and care.

During this period, we leave the original paint of your car in pristine condition. Here at It’s A Wrap in Mississauga, everything we do is done with the utmost professionalism and detail.