In today’s day and age, we’re either on our phones or in the car. The average corporate worker in Ontario commutes a whopping 3hr 42min daily – that’s a lot of time on the road! And with the ban on cell-phone usage while driving, you’ll find a lot of carpool karaoke happening out there. But what happens when you can karaoke no more?

With commercial wraps, the very vehicles you use to run your organization turn into “driving billboards” – reaching thousands of people every time they’re out on the road. The key to using vehicles for branding is to ensure the presentation of the brand itself is something that will catch that commuter’s eye while she’s thinking of her workday or company, and she can integrate the need for your business into her thought process.

Benefits of Branding

Next thing you know, you’ve got a VP or Director looking for new cabinets in their lunchroom – and thinking of the delivery truck that was professionally wrapped beside them on the highway that caught their eye. Or maybe it’s a mom who saw an organic food brand that they want to try out so that they can start making healthy choices as a family – the opportunities are endless.

Vehicle wraps are one of the only ways left to get in front of a large audience in person – as in, not over the big wide web – and make an impact. Even billboards and advertisements in the mall are a thing of the past, as they reach a limited audience, and almost everyone is shopping online these days.

If you’re looking to get into the new age of branding with your commercial fleet, custom, professional and well installed wraps are definitely one of the best ways to create visibility to both current and potential customers.

It’s A Wrap is a reputable company in Mississauga, Ontario that provides exceptional car wrapping services using only the highest quality brands such as 3M, Xpel, and PPF.

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