There are many good reasons as to why you would want to wrap your car, all of them vary based on your desire be it preserving factory paint or a simple visual makeover. Deciding to wrap your car is very lucrative in terms of benefits.  

For starters it is much cheaper than an actual paint job, there are many more colour choices (matte, satin, gloss, variety vinyl, chrome wrapping) that will not only catch your gaze but everybody else’s.  

More benefits include very easy maintenance and upkeep. Ultimately, wrapping your car is a good decision due also to its long-lasting features that come with warranty from the factory for up to 5 years, that way you worry-less, and enjoy-more.  

It preserves the original paint as a result giving you a nudge in the resale value. Car wrap protects against minor stone chips and can hide pre-existing chips and scratches therefore keeping the car looking that bit more stunning.

Another massive reason as to why wrapping your car is much better than paint is that it generally doesn’t void warranty or lease agreements. As a result, you have access to a huge variety of colours to wrap your car with, a wrap meticulous done that many would not be able to distinguish it from real paint. 

Here at it’s a wrap we only use the highest quality wrap vinyl that provides long term warranty and are well established such as 3M, Avery Dennison. Providing high quality is our main target with experienced   certified installers that will reassure you that your vehicle will be in safe hands. When second to none material is combined with second to none workmanship here at It’s-A-Wrap, perfection is not but a guarantee. If the potential of a mere exterior change to the look of your vehicle doesn’t excite you enough to wrap with us, then the preservation of your original paint and an increase of resale value should sway your opinion. 

So, if you want a complete makeover for a reasonable price and have a seamless and stunning visual car wrap, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at It’s-A-Wrap located in Mississauga for a quick and easy quote.

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