Ceramic vs Carbon Tint: Which is the best choice for your vehicle?

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There are many considerations to take into account in deciding which coating material is right for you, including novelty, budget, and your intended purpose. While keeping in mind Ontario Tint Laws, Let’s compare them in various aspects:

Heat Rejection

The important heat-deflection properties of ceramic and carbon tints contribute to the minimization of the temperature inside the car irrespective of the weather outside. Nevertheless, ceramic tint windscreens usually are a bit more effective rejecting heat than carbon tint windscreens. 

UV Protection: 

In addition to the shading from both types of tints, UV protection is also available – this offers skin protection and protection from interior fading and cracking. As to mention, ceramic tints are likely to be better than the others in UV filtering, which makes the former the best option. 


Ceramic tints are becoming popular due to their clarity and rendering at all frequencies without interruption of the signals coming from radio, GPS or cell phone devices. Tints with carbon again contend with getting as good of clarity but may show slightly more signal interference. 


Ceramic tints are typically more robust and long lasting as opposed to Carbon Tints which may be subjected to rapid discoloration and loss of film properties. They have lower probability of being bumpy, flowing off their supports, or getting darker when exposed outside. 


Ceramics offer a wider price range than carbon only because of their superiority in terms of properties and life span.


The use of ceramic and carbon tints can have the effect of making your vehicle look good all round by giving it that smooth and even appearance. Carbon tints could be slightly darker than ceramic ones. 



Both of these tints need perfect installation for good displays. Despite that, ceramic tints would demand that most installers take a little more time to take care of them, especially because they have thicker composition and different composition as compared to metallized and dyed films. 

To put it in another way, in terms of heat rejection, UV guarding, and toughness, ceramic film is quite an ideal choice for you as a car owner. However, the price of ceramic tint is quoted a bit higher, compared with dyed film. Meanwhile, if you are a more budget-minded buyer yet you want an impetus that will still offer you good performance, the carbon tint may be a good custom for you. In general, it takes into account all these factors and in the end you should select the suitable one for your car windows. 

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