The Ultimate Guide: How to Clean Commercial Tinted Windows

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Tinted glass is a widely used add-on not only for commercial buildings but also for private residential properties which provides the option of privacy, lower glare, and energy saving. However, constant cleaning is mandatory to retain their neatness as well as the performance. Tinting cleaning brings about a special responsibility to be attentive in order to prevent damaging the tint film. We will lead you to a step by step taint-free cleaning of both commercial and domestic windows. 

Gather the Necessary Supplies: 

  • Mild dish soap or specialized window cleaner (without ammonia) Distilled water (preferable to tap water to prevent streaking) 
  • Microfiber cloths or soft lint-free towels
  • Spray bottle 
  • Squeegee with a soft rubber blade (optional) 

Choose the Right Cleaning Solution: 

Ammonia containing cleaners should not be used anymore in order to prevent damaging the tint film. Gentle dish soap in the mixture of water or a specific window cleaner assuming safety for these types of windows is more preferable. Shake the bottle well and spray the mixture on the area in a sprayer for easy application. 

Test in a Small Area: 

Before starting the whole cleaning process do a test-run of the cleaning solution on a small part of the tinted film which is out of the way to find out whether it might result in any damage or discoloration. 

Remove Loose Dirt and Debris: 

You must begin with the soft wiping of the tinted area with dry microfiber cloth so as to remove any loose dust or debris. We avoid using hard brushes or scratches on the film that would lead to damage of the film. 

Apply the Cleaning Solution: 

Apply the solution directly on the tinted window gently, do so that the solution is evenly distributed. Avoid over-humidifying the glass highly as excessive moisture may seep into the edges hence the film then bubbles or curls up. 

Wipe the Window: 

A microfiber cloth or a soft towel without any lint is your choice. Gently scrub with circumferential move, from top to bottom. Try to do quick and light drying of the film which helps to increase the film’s durability. Use more fresh cloth or pieces and don’t allow spots to get dry between cleaning. 

Rinse and Dry: 

Clean the window thoroughly with a different microfibre cloth soaked in distilled water to remove pore-torn-cleaning solution. Preserving the shine, start from the top and move to the bottom in order to prevent any streaks. Finally, use a

lint-free cloth and lightly dry off the window to make sure there is no moisture left. 

Optional: Squeegee Method: 

These should suffice to take care of large window panes and stubborn dirt. You could also use a squeegee with a soft rubber blade so that excess water and cleaning solution are removed. First, hit the top of the glass from right to left with a smooth stroke. Then, as you come down, slightly overlap the left stroke so it perfectly covers the right one. 

Repeat if Necessary: 

If the window is not completely clean after the initial cleaning, go through the steps one more time, until achieving the desired clear window. 

Maintain Regular Cleaning: 

To make sure your dark-tinted windows stay looking at their best make a list of tasks you need to do regularly. If you are based on a different location, clean as per frequency, which varies from 1-3 months.

Implementation of proper upkeep and cleaning is fundamental as a commercial as well as residential window, smoked. If you use the guide in conjunction with the best products as well as cleaning techniques, you would be able to keep your windows tinted and free from accumulating damages for years.

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